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Vignesh Kr
Vignesh Kr • Mar 31, 2016


Project Abstract / Summary : The life of man has changed by leaps and bounds in recent times. This project represents yet another concept which can change our lives forever. This project presents a novel system prototype that is able to automatically recognize gestures and converts into various signals like voice, text, etc.
Gestures are communicative, meaningful body motions – i.e., physical movements of the fingers, hands, arms, face or body with the objective to convey information or interact with the environment.Using this gestures home appliances and vehicles can be controlled virtually. This technology requires less space, which are easily portable, reliable and user friendly.

The objective of the project is to Design and Implement a Smart Hand for the following applications:
--> Virtual Keypad for security purpose (ATM)
--> Sign Language Recognition
--> Vehicle Control
The concept of the project is to control the applications using Gestures produced by FLEX sensor and MEMS Accelerometer placed in gloves mounted on hand whose output is given to PIC Micro controller, the processed input transmitted using RF transmitter.
At the receiver end, the signal is received using RF receiver and the pre-defined symbols or gestures are used to control the vehicle, virtual keypad and Sign language translation which can be used by deaf and dumb people to convey information.

CE Contest Block diagram

Why did you choose to work on this project topic : With the concept VR (Virtual Reality) is the future, Our project has endless possibilities with various application from Gaming control to Vehicle Control. Our project is user friendly and can be easily added to any of advanced technologies from the future starting from VR Headset.

Project Highlights : We believe that our project has the capability to win the contest since it is user friendly, highly secured, and anyone with basic knowledge can operate it.

our project is very helpful for any people irrespective of their abilities..

Project Category : Robotics / RC / Automation
Institute/College Name: Easwari Engineering college
City: Chennai
State: Tamil Nadu
Participating Team From: Final Year

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