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Dancing Dragaons - The Skyscrapers With Breathable Skin

Discussion in 'Engineering & Technology News' started by niranjana, May 12, 2012.

  1. niranjana

    niranjana Rookie

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    The architecture of the buildings designed by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill always has something special to offer. The buildings like Burj Khalifa and Kingdom Tower had new innovative ideas being brought out. The recent designs being released for the pair of skyscrapers called Dancing Dragons has aroused the expectations of many.

    Seoul Skyline; Image courtesy: www.smithgill.com

    The feature that will make this Dancing Dragons unique will be its breathable scale-like skin through which air circulation will happen. The 88 and 77 story towers which will be a new addition to the Seoul skyline. Speaking about why the towers were named “Dancing Dragons” Adrian Smith said “There’s a sympathetic and complementary relationship between the two masses at the level of the cuts, almost as though they were dancing.” He adds that the architecture must reflect and interpret the culture of society and the Dancing Dragons does just that.

    The Dancing Dragons; Image courtesy: www.smithgill.com

    The façade will consist of panels overlapping and having a gap of 600mm between them which will allow the air circulation to happen and make the ‘skin’ breathable. The two towers are 450 meters and 390 meters tall and are not identical. Instead of having the skyscraper built the traditional way of having a single massive column, this tower has 4 columns each and the mini towers are hung off the columns in a balanced manner.

    The Panels In The Facade; Image courtesy: www.smithgill.com

    Some sustainable features of these towers that highlight its energy aspect of designing are triple-glazed window units to minimize heat loss, an overlapping exterior wall system, natural ventilation in all units, radiant heating, fuel-cell cogeneration units at the basement level, photovoltaic arrays on the roof surfaces, daylight-linked lighting controls and heat recovery via electric centrifugal chillers.

    View From The Inside; Image courtesy: www.smithgill.com

    The structural scheme is being done by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill along with Werner Sobek. The designing is also being done by PositivEnergy Practice, an engineering and energy consulting firm. The landscaping architecture will be done by Martha Schwartz Partners and it will also reflect the geometric aesthetics of the tower.
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