03 Jun 2012

CSR To Develop World's First Carbon-Neutral High-Speed Locomotive

The Coalition for Sustainable Rail (CSR) has declared its plans to develop the world’s first carbon-neutral high-speed locomotive. Toiling with the University of Minnesota’s Institute on the Environment (IonE) and the nonprofit Sustainable Rail International (SRI), CSR intends to fabricate the world's most powerful, cleanest steam locomotive. Called CSR Project 130, it will require various skills and technology ranging from carbon-neutral solid biofuel research to modern steam mechanical engineering so as to create the most powerful carbon-neutral locomotive ever, with the highest attainable velocity of 130mph.


The fuel used, Biocoal, is eco-friendly and is produced by processing cellulosic biomass. Although biocoal has the same energy density and material handling characteristics as coal, it is carbon neutral, has no heavy metals, plus it lets out less ash and smoke than conventional coal. This shall indeed be revolutionary in the field of clean energy, believes the team.

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