18 Sep 2008

*CrazyTee Contest Winners!*


The winners of the CrazyTee contest sponsored by Myntra are -

[random order]

😁CEan - AbrakaDabra 😁
(Design Abrakadabra - 2)
😁CEan - Mona 😁
(Design: Mona - 3)

😁CEan - Kedarjk 😁
(Design: Kedarjk- 5)

😁CEan - Godfather 😁
(Design: Godfather - 5)

😁CEan - Aysha 😁
(Design: Aysha)

Look at the winning designs here - Crazy Tee Design Contest

All winning CEans - Please write an email to admin [at] crazyengineers [dot] com mentioning

1. Your complete postal address

2. Style: M/F
3. T Shirt Color
4. T-Shirt Size: S/M/L/XL etc.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Special Thanks to Myntra Team for sponsoring the contest! Visit www.Myntra.com for custom apparel.

10 years ago

All winners please get in touch as soon as possible with required details. We can't wait to send your CE Tees 😉 !
10 years ago
Godfather & Aysha - could you please send me the required details? I've received the details from others already.
10 years ago
Winners -

I still do not have the required details from you. You should confirm latest by Monday EOD [ September 23, 2008 ].

Please be quick.

PS: Those who have confirmed - will receive their tees soon. 😀

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