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HRG • Apr 11, 2012

couldnt identify the zigbee model :( help!!!

i got a zigbee module from my friend .he doesn't know anything about it.i need it to send a signal from one side and to receive a signal on the other side.i couldn't find the datasheet or any other details of this zigbee model .please help me to identify the model and its datasheet. i have uploaded the picture.
Harshad Italiya
Harshad Italiya • Apr 12, 2012
I can see Zigbee module used is from TI may be CC2530. Can you see any Product Code on module?

nowire9 Please have a look here.
HRG • Apr 13, 2012
there is a 12 didit number i dono wether its the product code or not .the number is 178-001-002-110.

at the bottom side its given as XBEE VA1👎
Harshad Italiya
Harshad Italiya • Apr 13, 2012
Is there any logo like this ?
Then it is Freescale XBee.
HRG • Apr 20, 2012
no there is no logo but they have used MPC89E52AF microcontroller.without knowing the model correctly i couldnt use it .pls help me to find it .
nowire9 • Apr 20, 2012
I don't recognize it.

It looks like the same 20 pin DIP package as an XBEE module. If you have no starting point and no options and are desperate, hook up VCC, GND, TX (DOUT) and RX (DIN) according to the XBEE pinout and see if you can use any AT commands. Default XBEE baud rate is 9600bps.

Note: This may kill the device if the pin description does not match that of an XBEE module.

Here's the XBEE pinout from the datasheet:
XBEE pinout
HRG • Apr 21, 2012
thankuuu😀 i will try it
HRG • Apr 21, 2012
@nowire9 am new and dont have much knowledge about to use AT commands?
how to burn the program to xbee ? please give me a step by step procedure to send a signal from one xbee to another so that a led blinks on the receiver side .pls hlp 👎
nowire9 • Apr 21, 2012
The first basic step is to see if the module works. Interface with the module via a terminal program such as Hyperterminal (only DIN & DOUT lines necessary for this). The module starts up in IDLE mode, so you won't be able to enter AT commands until you switch to COMMAND mode. Type "+++" and see if the module returns "OK". If so, you are now in "command mode" - you can enter AT commands (see XBEE datasheet for description of these) to interface with the module. This is the starting point that you can do directly with your PC (make sure you are using an RS232 level converter when connecting the module to a PC).

Note that there is an inactivity timeout (default 6400ms) while in COMMAND mode, after which the module will return to IDLE mode.

By default, XBEE modules are in transparent mode, so they will act as a serial line replacement (received data will automatically be transmitted).
Harshad Italiya
Harshad Italiya • Apr 22, 2012
Using digital multimeter you can find out your vcc and gnd pins
HRG • Apr 25, 2012
thanku nowire9 and godfather .my semester exams gona begin😨 will try after it get over 😀
nowire9 • Apr 25, 2012
Good luck with exams.

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