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gohm • Jul 8, 2008

convert any car to hybrid

I stumbled on this company that in a month or two will be releasing a kit for sale to turn any car into a plug in hybrid for about $5,000-7,000. They are competing for the x-prize. Very cool & about time- a step in the right direction. Can't wait to hear how well it works in use. What is everyone's thought on the idea? What changes would you make? Will consumers want to install this on their vehicle?

KINETIC_JOULES • Jul 8, 2008
If I had the money, I would DEFINITELY install one on my vehicle. I'm an environmentalist, so anything that conserves natural resources is good with me!
Ashraf HZ
Ashraf HZ • Jul 9, 2008
Perhaps one should wait till costs descrease somewhat. How much does it cost to install a Natural Gas kit in the US?

One has to remember the thing about using electricity. We can't assume its "clean" energy on its own, since a majority of electrical generation still unfortunately comes from fossil fuels.

If more cars are going to go Hybrid or fully electric, an increase of electrical generation from renewable power must be in parallel to it 😀
gohm • Jul 9, 2008
Ash you make a good point and one of the shortcomings of the system. Natural gas/propane conversions are a little cheaper currently however that conversion is much more involved than this electric one and you are still reliant on fossil fuels as well. Thankfully in a lot of areas in the US electricity is hydro or wind generated (nuclear too however that's another issue...).
KINETIC_JOULES • Jul 9, 2008
Wow. . . how much is gas where you guys are? It went up a dollar this past year. we're up to a little over 4 dollars in some places.
gohm • Jul 9, 2008
avg here of $4.10 a gallon for 87 octane plus our gas has ethanol added.
xheavenlyx • Jul 9, 2008
Oh man, my moms bro is in US (Nashville) and he is going crazy with the petrol price. He said its somewhere around $5 or up for a gallon! I forgot the exact number.

Where I live is $1.75 per Gallon 😀

And where my dad lives...believe it or not. Half a dollar for a Gallon! Can you guess where?
KINETIC_JOULES • Jul 9, 2008
$1.75! NO WAI! Where do you live?
xheavenlyx • Jul 10, 2008
I am in United Arab Emirates, know world's tallest building. But I guess they are going to increase it a bit more this year.
Man, I used to impress people when I say Malaysia has the tallest twin towers in the world *sigh* I guess hybrids won't be too popular in the Middle East for a while. In Malaysia, the biggest obstacle for electrical Hybrid vehicle use is the import taxes. I think (or rather, hope) that policy will change soon. Nearly all taxis here use NGV (Natural gas vehicle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia), and with the fuel increase, many aim to install a natural gas kit. Gohm, I agree that fossil fuel is still being used, but its one of the most efficient: it produces less carbon dioxide per unit of energy compared to other fossil fuels 😀
I don't see much of profit in converting any car to hybrid. Can any supporter answer these questions:
1. What about the cost of electricity?
2. What about the sources of Electricity?
3. Do not you think so much electricity generation will hurt the environment?
4. What about the performance?
5. Speed of cars will go down?
6. Luxury will go down definitely?

These questions just strikes me so I asked the same. No offense please...

gohm • Jul 12, 2008
Cool, my uncle is also there working for several months.

I am in United Arab Emirates, know world's tallest building. But I guess they are going to increase it a bit more this year.
raj87verma88 • Jul 12, 2008
Hybrid cars are the future. I have seen some posts here that have doubts on it, that is but natural. I won't question the concept or a hybrid car or site its disadvantages. The only point I have to make is, around 90% of the worlds electricity is being produced with the help of fossil fuels. So indirectly we will be using fossil fuels. Unless and until, renewable sources like solar power in wind are used to make electricity it will be great.

Talking about pollution, here in New Delhi, all public transport (road) had been ordered to run on CNG(Compressed Natural Gas) 5 years ago. The pollution levels at delhi have dipped rapidly since then as even people have started installing CNG kits in their private cars.
Just got to know about a small kit for bikes, will get it on installed on my bike as soon as possible. A friend of mine has and says that the average of his bike has tippled.

and crazyboy, don't worry the luxury of the car will not go down, performance will be better as now you have two sources to power your car and speed should not go down. There are hybrid cars in production, and do not cause much problems.
ketan • Jul 14, 2008
actually if the hybrid car is having a kit which is made available everywhere in the market,then probably it's a good thing in the right direction....
keep it up to the company and keep telling about these updates....
nice news....
NOBEBP • Oct 24, 2008
What about hydrogen/fuel hybrid, check out this video, YouTube - Hybrid Jeep Wrangler
I am an offroad enthusiast and was on yotatech when i came across a forum on this. It seems people have been doing this conversion on the site. Interesting stuff.

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