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Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Aug 3, 2017

Common Cold permanent cure may now be a possibility!

I've often wondered why isn't there a permanent cure for common cold. For me, the cold has always followed up with cough and I've hated it like anything. However, now there could be a permanent cure for common cold. The latest research done by scientists at the Napier University in UK has revealed that a tiny molecule, often find in human and animal immune systems can be deployed to cure common cold - for ever.

Common cold is often caused by Rhinovirus, informs Dr. Peter Barlow. There is no cure and no vaccine for it and the latest study is a major and exciting step towards finding an effective treatment. Check the details: Cure for the common cold is a step closer

I just hope the scientists figure out a way to fix cough and fever as well. But that said, I'm very well aware that fever and cough is body's reaction to viruses. The best way is to make your defence system so strong that no virus or bacteria could break it.

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