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Tatolo • Jun 28, 2017

Choosing perfect laptop to use with a 3d scanner

Hi, everybody. It happend, that I have to scan internal parts of aircrafts engines in customer's place. Scanner (Artec spider) is portable, and I have a battery for it. The thing is that I need a poweful but lightweight laptop to work with it. I searched for some, but maybe someone could help me to find the best one, I also need it to have a moderate autonomous work time or maybe an external battery?

We use this Dell ourselves, it is really portable and very powerful:
Dell XPS 15 laptop
So I can definitely recommend it for Artec Spider 😀
And here we usually post all tested laptops, so feel free to browse in the articles of this section:
Laptops – Artec Support Center

In case you have any questions, just email us at

Best regards,

Olga Skvortsova
Head of Technical Support Department
Tatolo • Jun 28, 2017
Thank you!

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