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Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Jan 18, 2012

Chinese Microbloggers Must Register Their Real Names With Government

Google+ may attract frowny eyes for their 'must have real names' policy. But the Government of China has gone a step ahead and made it mandatory for all the microbloggers to register their real names with the government. That means anonymous microblogging via platform won't be possible anymore. I'm quite sure India's Kapil Sibal will now have a new thing to learn from China. What say you?
silverscorpion • Jan 21, 2012
Very concerning!!

This trend should not be allowed to continue. With all the other types of media already bought out or otherwise tampered, internet remains the only way at least some true versions of happenings reach people. And anonymity is the biggest reason for that possibility.

If that is not there, I think someone can actually succeed in controlling every aspect of our lives.
ISHAN TOPRE • Jan 22, 2012
Why do you want to speak against Government (Congress) then? 😛

Kapil Sibal is a good person. So is Congress Party 😁

P.S: Comment is sensered! ☕
ISHAN TOPRE • Jan 22, 2012
Jokes apart, can we include "SOPA" and "summons against Social networking sites by Hon'ble Supreme court" in this discussion? 😀

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