13 Jul 2018

CDAC CCAT 2018 Results + Ranks + Centre Questions and Answers

Requesting all our fellow members to ask their CDAC CCAT 2018 related questions including choice of centers, total score etc. all in one place so that we can easily answer them and help each other.

Please avoid creating new discussions so that we all can keep track. I'm adding questions one by one -

1. @alimi. asked: my CDAC rank is 1050(a+b+c) i want to do DESD which CDAC center can i get ?

2. @roshan asked Hi , my rank in ccat 2018 is 3918 in A+B category in which institute my admission will be possible for pgdac

3. @Aditya asked: i got 6609 A+B and interested in ditiss, dac or any course any suggestion??

4. @manish asked:  905 candidates above my rank have applied for DAC
421 candidates above my rank have applied for DESD
478 candidates above my rank have applied for DMC

5. @Padma asked If my rank is 1594 can I get in pune For DESD course in CDAC ?

6. @KILLAMSETTI asked I got 1205 in a+b+c is there any chance of getting VLSI in Noida and pune

Please keep all your questions and answers in this discussion itself.

13 Jul 2018

@Abhishek asked

I get 6554 rank in CDAC is there any to get admission in CDAC noida

suyash salunkhe

suyash salunkhe

Computer Science
13 Jul 2018

I got A+B rank of 371 in CCAT june 2018 and want to join PGDBA. Could you suggest me a good centre in pune or mumbai? How good is USM Vidyanidhi ,juhu mumbai centre and placements over there ?

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