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CAT 2011 Results: Will catiim.in Servers Survive The Tsunami Of Traffic?

Discussion in 'Engineering & Technology News' started by Kaustubh Katdare, Jan 11, 2012.

  1. Kaustubh Katdare


    Engineering Discipline:
    CAT 2011 results are out and as expected, the catiim.in servers seem to be down. We've been trying to access the official results website since last 10 minutes and nothing seems to load up on our website. You already know how ecstatic we are in covering 'server down' related news; but this time we aren't. Over 250k CAT aspirants from India took the toughest management entrance test this year and we're sure that almost everyone wants to see the scorecard. We suspected the downtime and did some investigation on CrazyEngineers Forum. We might be missing out on something very obvious; but it seems that the hosting company that hosts catiim.in server isn't very reliable. This is what we found on their homepage: <em>For abuse issues related to the websitewelcome.com domain, please email your complaint with any relevant logs to abuse@websitewelcome.com. </em>

    CAT 2011 Results | Image Credit: Indiancolleges.com

    We hope that the servers get back soon and are capable of handling the traffic. We wonder why CAT scores are directly texted to the candidates's registered mobile number? Checking CAT 2011 scorecards online is so 2009. We're keeping an eye on the catiim.in website. We'll request our readers to keep us updated with the latest information through comments below.

    Developing story.

    Update 1 [1:04 AM]: The site isn't back yet. It's taking forever to load.

    Update 2 [1:09 AM]: We somehow got the catiim.in to load on our Firefox (Chrome is still loading!). We tried pinging the server and got following response, which indicate that the server is up.

    Pinging catiim.in [] with 32 bytes of data:
    Reply from bytes=32 time=336ms TTL=45
    Reply from bytes=32 time=324ms TTL=45
    Reply from bytes=32 time=324ms TTL=45
    Request timed out.

    Ping statistics for
    Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 3, Lost = 1 (25% loss),
    Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
    Minimum = 324ms, Maximum = 336ms, Average = 328ms

    Update 3 [1:16 AM]: We're getting reports that many users are unable to get through the CAPTCHA. But that's still lot of progress. We're still stuck with white screens on all our browsers. Users can check the result on https://weaiimcalcat.catiim.in/ , however the page isn't encrypted. Give it a try.
  2. Heck the site is not loading. :-( . Why don't the organizers learn a lesson in technology management? 
  3. CAT Cut-off for IIM:
    IIM Lucknow: (2011 cut off)
    General 85%NC-OBC 80%SC 75%ST 70%PWD 75%
    IIM Udaipur: (2011 cut off)
    General 80%NC-OBC 70%SC 65%ST 60%PWD 65%
    IIM Kozhikode: (2011 cut off)
    General 85%NC-OBC 75%SC 65%ST 55%PWD 55%
    IIM Calcutta: (2011 cut off)
    General 95%+NC-OBC 85% +SC 75% +ST 70% +PWD 70% +
    CAT 2010 cut-off for leading b-schools
    MDI, Gurgaon 97+NITIE, Mumbai 98+IMT, Ghaziabad 95+SP Jain, Mumbai 85+ (profile based calls)IMI, Delhi 95+ (90+ for HR)BIM, Trichy 95+ UBS, Chandigarh 96+ KJ Somaiya, Mumbai 85+ (75+ for IB)LBSIM, Delhi 89.5+Fore, Delhi 91+ (82+ for IB)NIRMA, Ahmedabad 90+IIFM, Bhopal 87+ IFMR, Chennai 87+TAPMI, Manipal 86+XIME, Bangalore 85+Welingkar, Mumbai 82+IISWBM 81+IMT, Nagpur 80+ BIMTECH, Noida 70+ 
  4. Last year it was declared at 12:00. The traffic is very heavy every year.
    The captcha images don't load! :( Last year the result opened as a PDF file.
    So, if you do get the results as PDF, don't forget to save the file. 
    Best Luck, people!
  5. As


    Site does not load. As useless as any other thing in India.
  6. They did that with the test itself in 2012. I had to take the test again and that screwed my score! SHIT!
  7. got the text boxes and image still the pdf didnt open :(
  8. I am also trying to get my result from past 15 minutes but not succeeded....
  9. Grrr..the organisers need a lesson in "management". Trying to access the site since the past 43 mins
  10. can anyone give me the direct link?
  11. I cud access the website sumhow but the captcha text ws not being displayed despite repeated attempts..hence no luck in viewing the score.. 
  12. i logged in...wen to the detaqils page, submitted and it said invalid data....
    1 of the options said, i might have had to take a retest, whoch i could have forgotten to take....????
  13. Zzzzzzzzzz. Google can handle tens of millions of requests per second. The best management institutes in the world cannot hire a team of engineers capable of putting together a system to handle a percentage of that load. Wonder how great those managers really are. Zzz Just frustrated.
  14. https://weaiimcalcat.catiim.in/
  15. damn the captcha doesnt laod only 
  16. Why can't they just email it to us? What's their problem? :-/ This is so irritating! 
  17. I wonder how long will they take to restore the site. Can someone check and let all of us know?
  18. mk


    its really frustating!!
  19. direct link for result is - https://weaiimcalcat.catiim.in/
  20. mk


    ru sure suneet. did u access it?

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