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integratdbrains • Mar 5, 2007

Case Study: A question of ethics

A resume is considered as the first introduction to the individual without actually meeting him face to face.There is an xyz organisation maintaining a good corporate governance and has a goodwill in the society.Now such a company has been always a dream company for you and you have always dreamt of pitching into it. You personally tried to getting in through unethical ways but could not.These incidences strenghtened your image about the company in your mind.And it increased your enthusiasm and egerness to join the company. And after a lot of hardwork and value addition to your resume you finally get a job of a project team member in that company.

After a few days you happen to go through the resume of your team leader and find that he is actually not suitable for the job.You are left just just can't believe your eyes for a few mins.But when you gather your concious you realise that its true and a bitter fact to digest.Now what will you do?

Will you voice your grevience for you feel that your hard work has suddenly valued to a zero.or you will continue to keep quite and be a passive observer?or still hold your belief in the company and will bring it to notice of the concerned authority.Or the easiest dream something big and different and switch to your next dream job! 😀 looking forward to comments and replies.😁

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