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Sumanta Soumik dey
Sumanta Soumik dey • Apr 11, 2019

Career Advice in Industrial Automation sector

Hi everyone, I don't know what to do with my life i'm depressed,confused, feeling suicidal. I did b-tech (ECE) in 7 yrs(2010-2017) with 54.81% i know what you are thinking yes i did messed up my education because i got stuck with wrong people in wrong direction while in college but finally i did my graduation in 2017 & i didn't got any job but i'm a hardworking guy and i never gave up, 

i learned whatever i got from any online course and also did training in industrial automation of 4 month and Auto-cad & Auto-cad Electrical, soft skill of 6 month. but i'm 26 yrs old now and it's been 1 yrs and 6 month still i'm not getting any job call just because 

i have a 7 yrs of degree. I'm desperate right now staying in my room whole day, feeling ashamed of me everywhere i go,i never planned my life this way. I'm really interested in industrial automation sector even i applied in every govt apprenticeship schemes but no solution came up till now and also 

i came up with idea of doing master degree or Pg diploma in industrial automation but my family's financial condition is pretty bad now. Even i thought of going in BPO job or any other job due to my family financial condition but i'm really interested in industrial automation field and 

i want to do job in this sector , If there is any solution possible for me please suggest me i don't want to lose my hope Tell me what should i do?  

Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Apr 12, 2019

I believe you started with great expectations from yourself and aimed for a specific type of job. What's wrong with BPO job if it can take care of finances and keep you busy? I'd advise getting a job first, take care of your finances and keep preparing for your dream job. It's pretty straightforward. 

Sumanta Soumik dey
Sumanta Soumik dey • Apr 15, 2019

Thanks for your response, If for BPO i would have gone for it from the start but i kept me going instead and its not dream job that i am approaching i just want any job in industrial sector but they keep judging me by my degree and it's not fair.

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