29 Aug 2018

Can you please tell me which material is used for chassis of Renault Duster?

We are doing project on light weight chassis development for four wheeler.so we choose duster car and we couldn't found material of chasis.so plz help us

29 Aug 2018

I do not know about chassis. Here is some info on structural polymers for automotive weight reduction applications:

Trinseo Automotive Unveils Structural Polymers for Semi-structural Applications


Nitin Pathak

Nitin Pathak

30 Aug 2018

Materials used in chassis

Characteristics requirements: thermal ,chemical or mechanical resistance,ease to manufacture and durability.

So looking at above iron and steel can be best option used in majority of vehicles and are low cost material.

Since past several years high strength steel referred to a high strength and low alloy used in building chassis(monocoque) which is widely used.

Importance of using high strength steel used in body as it has capability to absorb impact energy in crash situation which is import characteristic in designing chassis.

Benefits:-light in weight,cost effective, safety and can be recycled.

Other material can be used but cost will increase which is used in high end cars like : aluminium,magnesium,advance composite material,carbon fibre,glass fibre.

Looking at the price proposition for Renault Duster it is imperative that they must be using high steel strength material like Domex / strenx.

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