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[Prototype] • Aug 31, 2016

Can you please share interview questions & GD topics?

Hey guys,

Its quite often we see those lines and to be honest whenever I saw it I felt compelled to write a post like this one. Today it reached to that level that I cannot withstand the urge anymore.

I see lots of veterans sharing interview questions around. I want to question, how ethical is that? Is the act of sharing what you would ask in form of question and answers beneficial? To me, I cannot differentiate it from university exams where you know what you'll be asked, you mug up and you unleash it in the exam.

Its even pathetic when people ask for GD topics. I don't understand the motive? Do they want to prepare their arguments? I was under impression that you listen to other member in the discussion and counter or add to their point. And I always believed GD is about convincing the other party that your facts proves your point more than theirs. Isn't it cheating to just read about the probable topics and be unaware of everything else? Before anyone questions the validity of GD for a technical role, I agree that GD doesn't make sense but that's not this discussion is about. And anyway if some company is repeating the GD topics despite having so many from current affairs, then I'd be skeptical to join such a company.

Well, there's lot inside me which I don't know how to put in words but in short, I really feel its totally wrong to share interview questions. Not only its unethical but it also promotes lazy attitude of already lazy Indian engineering students who thinks they can get away with a job without really being a good engineer. We're indirectly telling them that all the problems are already solved and if you encounter a problem, all you need to do is ask someone without even putting a little bit of thought to it.
Kokila5689 • Jan 10, 2017
This is not unethical or making others lazy. Most of the college students don't know how the interview will be and what questions they will ask. May be you are from top university where they teach you everything.
Last week i attended my first interview and i got selected. I need to thank my staffs who gave me study materials. I gone through 1st round and next day i had GD my staff mails us a list of gd topics that may be asked. So we prepared everything and i got one of the topic from the list. This helped me. So this is good.

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