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Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Dec 3, 2008

Can war be a solution to terror?

After the recent terrorist attack on Mumbai, people have been talking about declaring a war against the countries that are supposed to be supporting the terrorism.

As we all know, America entered into a war with countries that terrorist camps. What is your opinion about war being a solution to terror?
War is not a solution it will take both the nations backward but controlled military action cannot be ruled out,secondly,terrorism will get a boost in war situations i think we should adopt rouge states and try to abolish the bad factors isolating them will give hiding space for anti-socila elements eg.omalia,Afganisthan so on
shalini_goel14 • Dec 3, 2008
I don't think so war can be the solution.Earlier also there were so many wars what is the consequence today again we are facing a situation where we need a war against terrorism.Ultimately it is going to be a chain of wars and wars only.One more thing who all suffer from these wars?we citizens simple keep on sitting and praying for saving ourselves and those army officers keep on giving their lives just only for us.I really feel very sad for them.We all need to unite and have to fight against terrorism.War is not the only solution.
As per me, only solution is make a organization on world level - who will give a chance to all countries to destroy the terrorism bases which they supports.. If they are unable to do so...

Blow those conuntries itself.

How much time we will spend in this terror.... that do not know when 9/11 or 26/11 will happen... ?

😡 crazy
Madhu_G • Dec 4, 2008
War is not a solution we may win ... but same problem may repaet further...during war its not only the opposite team gets affected... but even our country...

First ... we have to find the people who help the opponets ...removet hem frm country ...whatever the other country is doing using these people or organisations...a heavy punishment should be given to such people so that other should not dare to do it agian..
Nice feedbacks,but guys,dont ya think this all has been treid and tested???? instead of goin on war,we should stop the source of terrorism,m sure it will stop by itself so we can indulge in economic warfare....destroying their liquidity
I am not offensive and sorry If I am.... But 90 % of the people thinks the same way and when one of their relative suffered in the attack then they feel that we should destroy the countries which supports the terrorists.

carpet bombing on countries supporting the terrorist is must..... No other solution is going to work.

Otherwise situtation will be same...1993... kandhar... train station... hospitals... temples ... parliament.... high security zones like TAJ. TILL YOU WONT FIGHT... YOU WILL SUFFER.

We should fight , suppose we bomb pakistan,then terrorist will get a boost and more poeple will get influence , do you think when US bombed Afganisthan and Iraq terrorism has stopped the real culprits are still at large!!! and USA has gone backwards it is one of the major reason for the present recession!! think of the consequences!!!
Ashraf HZ
Ashraf HZ • Dec 5, 2008
Right.. go on bombing other countries? They do have people who don't support terrorism ya know. Do you guys really think the whole population are terrorists? If you so happen to be a citizen of a country who's government is alleged to be supporting terrorist, other armies have the right to kill you and your family?


This "collateral damage" mentality causes more problems that it solves. This is what terrorists are using, from their cruel operations attacking civilians. Why, they say the Indian army is responsible for the deaths of people in Kashmir, so they reason that all Indians are responsible. Now some of you think that citizens of other countries are responsible for terrorist attacks too. Can't you see the vicious cycle here?
durga ch
durga ch • Dec 5, 2008
As per me, only solution is make a organization on world level - who will give a chance to all countries to destroy the terrorism bases which they supports.. If they are unable to do so...

Blow those conuntries itself.

How much time we will spend in this terror.... that do not know when 9/11 or 26/11 will happen... ?

😡 crazy
When two people dont agree upon single terms..there is no scope to even imagine that two countries will decide upon one thing. after all its people who make the country.

if we keep on bombarding the countires whom we dont agree upon...( one country might be peace loving.. other might not be... so obvious that they dont agree upon) can you go and just throw bombs on them in that case whole worl wil end up into ashes

open internet... google bomb... you get 1,700,000 +search results including vedeos... you cannot avoid them... but you always have an option to act...

either you keep yourself safe from them by being on constant alert... and protecting country or you can just be reluctant about the country....

war was justified in mumbai. the battle begun only after 30 hrs... why was no action taken till thenn? where was all the force...

in the train station.. the security personal were sharing rifle!!! and hiding behind a pillar to save them selves....? is this expected???

how can a people come in a boat .. shoot ??? they just took our dignity...and only 1 caught....and might be 2 at free..

how could by just seeing the indian flag on board,, could the boat be allowed into INDIAN waters?

and inspite all this.... firing in one injured though...

when our forces are soo weak.... there is no sense in waging a war!!!!

post 9/11 US of A wagged kind of war against Afghanistan and Iran.. what happened? has Osama bin Laden caught??? no... the civiliants were dead... injured... countires have doomed!!!!

We cannot control others mind and thought.. but I believe we have contro on our actions .. to respond to them...get our basics right...then if such a massacre happens.... wage a war...

its only when we give scope other make use of it!!
everyone has their opinion,by the USA waged war against iraq not iran,hatred is cause of everything and blame-game will continue,its us we the poeple who have to decide,the authorities are one among us they are not aleains.....we must first stop curruptions like bribing,nepotism,scams for our interest than blame others I have seen poeple bribing cops and not get themselves out ,they are not ready for punishment,these petty things gave rise to serious things that happend in Mumbai.
By the way, the Indian Army just acts tough like any other army!!!!
shalini_goel14 • Dec 8, 2008
I feel bombing over countries is not going to help out.Indirectly it is politicians and underworld people who supplies money & arms to the terrorists,then how could even knowing that sea-shore is insecured ,they have not sent any army officers there first?What were they doing at that time..busy in their mutual fights???Anyways someone has helped terrorists that is why rdx was already found in taj hotel .All attack preparation was pre-planned.It can happen only when someone will help terrorists.So these useless politicians and underworld people are the people who give support to terrorism.Bombing should be done over such people.Why these people are allowed to live happily.They should be killed.
Declaring a war won't improve the prevailing terror condition,rather it will worsen it even more.These terrorists want us to take that nonsense decision of declaring the war so that they are able to spread their message of hatred and terror.We(both politicians and common man) will have to work more sensibly.Common people will have to realize their responsibilties at their level and what i think more important is that politicians should co-operate with the investigations pakistan is willing to make.Then only we can actually find out the truth and further help in clearing terror from society.we will always have that option of war,but it won't do any good..that will only result in more innocent people picking up guns and going in the dark tunnel of hatred n,in my opinion war is not at all the solution to terror.
Throwing shoes at presidents might help 😉
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Dec 21, 2008
Throwing shoes at presidents might help 😉

I knew someone would say that. [​IMG]
aashima • Dec 21, 2008
Can India actually afford to declare and win a war?? 😁
War against terrorism means war against certain countries. Warring can be the decision of countries like USA. After the 9/11 episode, big part of Afghanistan was destroyed while they could do nothing in return to USA. Rather they couldn't even save themselves properly.
At first, India needs to strengthen its security and intelligence. Once we are sure that no one can intrude into our area with anti-social intentions, then only we must take a break and think of ways of destroying them in their places. We need huge changes in our nation like stronger security at the border areas,modern intelligence system, more money spent on training the cops and soldiers, better ammunition, separate legal body to tackle terrorism in every state like ATS.
gohm • Dec 21, 2008
war is terror so how can the solution be the problem?
Aashish Joshi
Aashish Joshi • Dec 23, 2008
War with pakistan? I don't think that's gonna happen anytime soon. I say this not because I am a pacifist, but a realist. India has waged three wars with pakistan, and everytime we've won or come as close to winning as we can. But the situation is not the same anymore. pakistan is now a nuclear weapons state. what's more, they don't have a no-first-use policy. so going to war with pakistan might look very tempting, but everyone knows its not gonna happen. not unless usa decides to join in.

but usa needs pakistan as it has critical suppy lines, military bases there which are important for its war in afganistan.
syedaafaq • Dec 23, 2008
hey according to me war is ofcourse the solution to terror when the situation become very worse than that of mumbai attacks... as far as the mumbai terrorist attacks are concerned its time to get ready for the war, but not to declare war...its time to prepare the whole defence wings- airforce, army and navy to tackle these type of problems in future efficiently before anything goes wrong....
Aashish Joshi
Aashish Joshi • Dec 24, 2008
As I pointed out earlier, pakistan has nuclear weapons, and if they think that their existence is threatened they will respond with nuclear weapons. Once nukes enter the equation, it really doesn't matter how strong your defense forces are or how well they are prepared. Last time nukes were used, they were used to end the world war, this time they might start one.

Even if we assume pakistan does not use nukes, or somehow we capture/destroy them before they are deployed, do you think US will let India go to war against their most vital ally in the war against terror. I know it is ironic, but the fact of the matter is that pakistan shares a border with afganistan and is thus a natural choice for an ally. they need pakistan safe on their side to maintain the troop supplies, military bases,etc.

So the only option India really has is military posturing, and rallying international support againgt pakistan. What India should do is convince pakistan's biggest ally China, that it is ust a matter of time before pakistan becomes a nuisance for them too as it has been for India since the time of its formation.

Having said that, I do agree that our defence forces must be modernized, and in the future the strategy should be to prevent such attacks not contain them. Not only the defence forces, but the police forces also need to be modernized. As many of you might have seen in the videos of the attacks at CST, the police are hiding behind the pillar and sharing a weapon. this is pathetic. Even now police personell have to make do with weapons that were first used in the first world war, I am of course talking about the 303.
gohm • Dec 29, 2008
I would disagree that Pakistan is a strong US ally, far from it. We have more ties with India.

Also, as far as war prep goes, whom are you prepping against? Terrorism is not always a national dispute, it is usually individuals/groups.

Unfortunately terrorism has been around since civilization so you will not stop it, however you can prepare and administer safe guards to minimize risk.
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Dec 29, 2008
@ Gohm - I completely agree with you. US & India have been friends for long time now.

This discussion, however, is very generic though. Post 9/11, USA declared war on terror. However, I doubt how effective it was.

In general, what are the possible solutions to counter the terrorism?
gohm • Dec 29, 2008
It has been as effective as our war on drugs or our war on crime, which means not very. 😀 It is a PR tactic.
Aashish Joshi
Aashish Joshi • Dec 29, 2008
I didn't say Pakistan is a strong US ally, I said it is a vital ally. What I mean to say is that US needs Pakistan for their war in Afghanistan. It is not a matter of choice for them. This is because of its geographical location, nothing else. How else will US/NATO troops in Afghanistan get their supplies, certainly not through Iran. The only other alternatives are former Soviet republics.
nileshchakkar • Dec 29, 2008
Can war be the solution :-
Definately not because as per my knowledge is concern peoples tendency is going toward the war due to the Mumbai blast. Yes its natural because those happened in our mumbai is really shows the extent of terrorism and thats why why the topic is come.
But is this war is sufficient to stop terririsom definately not because we may kill people but at that stage we may not get success to change their attitude and yes we have to change there view toward the peace. Why its req??? at that stage everone of us get free from this cruel terririsom.
Lastly i just want to say one thing .. How these people come in our counry and they stay for a month still we dont know ... after such blast then we get idea about them why is it so.... just ask a question to urself............mine suggestion is that everyindian try to watch on its neighbouring filed (not exactly neighbouring field) but just try to watch and try to anlayze is something suspectios person or a thing find in my area if yes then contact immediately to the concern person .. thats all
Aashish Joshi
Aashish Joshi • Dec 29, 2008
I agree, to stop terrorism a change in attitude of people is required. People must know that the laid back "chalta hai" attitude will not fly anymore.

See what happened in US after 9/11. Laws became stringent. People may have to wait a little longer at the airports to catch their flights, but it sure beats having a terrorist on board. The people have started respecting this fact. In India, we need a similar change in everyone's attitude. Not only the general public, but the administrators also have to realise the fact that you are not safe if you sleepwalk through a minefield.
aashima • Jan 3, 2009
If we can't eradicate it from the world, we can atleast discourage its growth in our respective nations. Post 9/11, there was no such major terrorist activity in US. In contrast, in India, we had major bloodsheds in Jaipur, Ahemdabad, Delhi, Surat and, ofcourse, Mumbai's 26/11.
Why should we rely on any other country for help? Aren't we self sufficient? I guess we have enough resources.
raj87verma88 • Jan 3, 2009
Taliban has openly said that they will support Pakistan and their suicide bombers and militants will fight on Pakistan's side. Sheikh Hasina the prime minister of Bangladesh has said that they will support India and will not let Bangladeshi soil be the breeding ground for anti-India terrorism. When war starts, China will support India, though it will remain neutral for a while. Both India and Pakistan have begin army movements. All leaves have been cancelled. Preperation for war has started. About the nuclear threat from pakistan. They will be fools to try it because if they do the whole world will be on them like a pack of hungry wolves. If not now then in a few years, if the situation does not improve, then the war may begin. And the day this Indo-Pak war begins, it will start the third world war, because of the way the alliances are forming.

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