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Can I make a mechanical system up there on international space station to extract continuous energy as there is no resistance up there in vacuum?

Alternate power source on International space station...

Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Oct 26, 2018

What exactly is the plan? But the answer is 'no'. 

Excellent idea. Provided that there is some mechanical energy available for harvesting. As you say it is a vacuum. So there is no wind. The station itself is in equilibrium. So no acceleration.

What then is the available mechanical force for tapping?

@Kaustubh of course said it in one word:"NO".

OK thanks for the information, its kind of fail faster to learn faster to me..

Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Oct 26, 2018

@Hidayath - You could still tell us your plan. It could lead to an interesting discussion. 

its kind of fail faster to learn faster to me.. 

Not that way. It is important to look at various options. For example: People with peptic ulcers used to go through all sorts of treatments. One Australian doctor suggested that it may be due to a bacteria. He was ridiculed. He turned out to be right and many of these cases are cured by a short anti-biotic therapy. As @Kaustubh says, one should push an idea through as far as it can go. 

Since a space station is a system in isolation, all mechanical activity on it  is generated by itself. We have to look for an outside source of mechanical energy.

For curiosity's sake, let us consider light pressure. If light hits a reflector and is thrown back it exerts a pressure. Near earth (space station for example) the solar light pressure is about 1 mg/sq.m. You can think of this as a wind and make a "wind mill", that can generate power. But you need huge size blades (Sq. Kms in area) to get any meaningful power.

Let us continue the discussion.

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