Anurag singh
Anurag singh
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30 Jul 2018

Can i convert rotational energy of fan into electrical energy ? But i fear about efficiency and function of fan, what should I do ?

I was thinking about the rotational energy of fan which should i convert into electrical energy . 

But i also thinking  about it's efficiency and function .

Does it make sense or not ?

IF it will make sense  then we can use this technology in remote area where light  7 or 8 hours comes  in a day ...

31 Jul 2018

Why do all that? Why not an inverter-battery standby supply ( mistakenly called UPS) that is available in plenty?

Technically what you ask is possible with probably 0.1% efficiency. If you are thinking of running the same fan with the power generated, then it violates the second law of thermodynamics and becomes a Perpetual Motion Machine of the second kind and will not work.

Sorry, there’s no free lunch.

31 Jul 2018

@Anurag , as @Ramani sir said, using a battery backup would be a better solution than converting rotational energy of fan into electricity. To answer your question, you 'can' convert the rotational energy of fan into electrical energy; but it's not practical at all. 

For solving the energy problems in rural areas where electricity is scarce, the best way is to make use of conventional sources of energy. Solar cells could be the top source of deriving electric energy from sunlight. Then wind turbines could be installed. 

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