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Raviteja.g • Nov 18, 2008

can any one solve this puzzle

Prachi is an actress who has to travel abroad for her shoots, giving her the opportunity to extend her social circle to all parts of the world. In November, she flew to different destinations and flew a different airline every single time. She always made it a point to speak to the person sitting beside her. Also, the person sitting next to her was always from a profession different from those she had met on other flights. She flew Caesar Airlines, Einstein Airlines, Mussolini Airlines, Stratus Airlines and Trump Airlines to Athens, Berlin, NYC, Rome and Toronto and met an Actress, a Choreographer, a Fashion Designer, a Realtor and a Wrestler, not necessarily in that order.
Here’s the catch. Given below are some clues about her travel.
1. She flew every Friday in November (starting on Nov 2nd).
2. Prachi flew Trump Airlines, sat beside the Fashion Designer and took a flight to Athens in three consecutive flights in the order prescribed above.
3. She flew Caesar Airlines earlier in the month than she flew to Berlin which in turn was some time earlier than when she gossiped with another actress on board their flight.
4. Prachi met the choreographer on a flight that was some time before the flight that she took to Rome.
5. She did NOT meet the Realtor on the flight to Toronto.
6. She neither flew Einstein Airlines to Rome nor did she fly Trump Airlines when she sat beside the choreographer.
7. She flew Stratus Airlines exactly two weeks before the flight on which she met the wrestler.
8. She spoke to the actress on a flight that she had NOT taken to Athens.

Can you deduce the dates when she flew, the airline she flew, the destinations she traveled to and the profession of the person sitting beside her?
Lock-Os • Nov 19, 2008
Alright, here I go.

2nd Nov: She flew to NYC on Trump next to a Realtor

9th: She flew to Toronto on Stratus next to a Fashion Designer

16th: She flew to Athens on Ceasar next to a Choreographer

23rd: She flew to Berlin on Einstein next to a Westler

30th: She flew to Rome on Mussolini next to an Actress

Well, is that it?
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Nov 19, 2008
@ Raviteja : You should always mention the source from which you have taken the puzzle.

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