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rohitvishnu • Oct 4, 2008

BSOD-how do i get rid of it?

hi guys ...i have got this blue screen of death(BSOD) and i am not able to gert rid of it ...i have formatted the drive which contains windows and reinstalled it but he problem persists ...suddenly while i am working the bsod appears and the system automatically restarts...i dunno what else to do...please help me out!!!😔😔
MaRo • Oct 5, 2008
Try to catch the error code & search Microsoft Knowledge Base
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Oct 5, 2008
Well, could we know the system configuration? Do you have any graphics cards installed?
crazypooh • Oct 5, 2008
this may b d virus in some other drive
if antivirus not catching it the problem cud b in graphic card check it out
anuragh27crony • Oct 6, 2008
normally most of this BSOD appears due to drivers clash....or non-compatible drivers...

Authenticate the Drivers you are installing for any device (Graphics, motherboard...etc...)
Prasad Ajinkya
Prasad Ajinkya • Oct 6, 2008
Get rid of the OS, the BSOD will follow 😀

On a more serious tone, try reading what the BSOD is telling you, if its an interrupt call which went awry, then it probably means that you have installed a hardware device too many, try uninstalling the software drivers for the same.
rohitvishnu • Oct 6, 2008
i have reinstalled the os and the drivers from the driver cd given...still the bsod config is 2 gb ram with core2 duo 2.2ghz and graphics card is in takes 25% of the ram .motherboard is gigabyte GA-73 model
rohitvishnu • Oct 6, 2008
the error it gives is something like DRIVER_IRQ_ somethin like this
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Oct 6, 2008
There you go!

Try to update the Graphics card driver (get the latest web-release) and see if you still get the BSOD.
anuragh27crony • Oct 7, 2008
the error it gives is something like DRIVER_IRQ_ somethin like this
This means that you have installed some free ware/Shareware software that causes this or else update your Graphic card -> driver...

Please visit below link for list of error displayed in BSOD
Troubleshooting Windows Blue Screen Of Death errors... - UK Web Hosting | Dedicated Server Windows and Linux VPS Forum
rohitvishnu • Oct 8, 2008
i dont have a on board graphics card i have just installed the drivers given for the video adptre in the driver cd given to me tht enough or do i have to update the existing driver also???
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Oct 8, 2008

Get the latest web-release driver and and install if after performing clean uninstall of current driver.
scandalouskk • Oct 30, 2008
how to start a new thread
plz help me
Saijayadeep • Mar 24, 2014
Hello..i am getting a blue screen error as Bug code usb driver..cant able to fix it..Please help me.Also please help me how to uninstall the current driver and reinstall the updated driver.

I am using Windows 7 (64-bit)

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