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Norvan Martin
Norvan Martin • Apr 24, 2012

BSc or BEg

Hello everyone,

Quick question, based on job prospects which is better, a BSc in an engineering deisicipline or a BEng?
What is the difference?

#my 1st post(2nd after my introduction)😀
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Apr 24, 2012
I'd find out by looking at the job sites and what the popular recruiters are looking for in your country.
Norvan Martin
Norvan Martin • Apr 24, 2012
Ok..The problem though is that employers do not normally specify initially
BEng is better.
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Apr 25, 2012
Banashree Patra
BEng is better.
What makes you say so?

I guess comparing course contents / syllabus would be another way to judge which one is better among the two.
ISHAN TOPRE • Apr 25, 2012
My friends BE over BSc because BSc was harder. BE was easier. Also Doing BE would get the prestigious title of Er (Engineer)😨

Although, this is the Indian scenario. I guess, you should look at the syllabus and the course content. What you want to do and where is the good places of education in and near Jamaica. 😀
Norvan Martin
Norvan Martin • Apr 25, 2012
@ ThE Big K...yes, I think that is the most important factor

@Baron...yes, that is what I was wondering about, the perception of BSc as opposed to BEng
maria flor
maria flor • Apr 26, 2012
for me, here in our country, i guess it doesn't matter whether you are a graduate of BSc or BEng. What is important is, you passed the board exam. Most school here offers BSc.
Norvan Martin
Norvan Martin • Apr 27, 2012
Ok Maria, I was thinking along the same lines

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