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Chinmay Joshi
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24 Feb 2014

Bots Vs. Wikipedians App To Track Edits By Bots On Wiki Pages

Wikipedia, a well-known crowd sourced encyclopedia, uses Internet bots along with human editors to put data on its website. Internet bot is nothing but a software which is used to do a particular task on internet instead of human beings. So, to keep track of the entries made by internet bots, researchers have developed a new application. Internet bots are specially designed to take information from one place and post it at some another place. This helps in proper flow of data. It is very difficult to determine which portion from Wikipedia is put by bots and which by human beings. To determine this, Thomas Steiner, a Customer Solution Engineer at Google Germany and his colleagues developed an application called 'Bots vs. Wikipedians' that can provide the statistics about the portions written by humans versus the ones written by internet bots on wiki pages. This application also helps in monitoring activities on wikidata which is a database to share data among different versions of Wikipedia.


The Bots vs. Wikipedians app now has a public API that sends out Wikipedia and Wikidata edits as Server-Sent Events. Those interested in the code behind this technology can check it on GitHub. Most of us would be thinking that, obviously the bots would perform better than human beings in terms of amount of data being put on website. But according to the statistics provided by this application, internet bots are only better in those countries which do not speak English. This tells us that maximum content on wiki pages are still being put by humans.

So, what do you think of this app? Share in your comments below.

Source: Blog | The app

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