15 Nov 2006

Book: Lucky Or Smart?

This small book (it has only 58 pages!) is by the founder of Tripod.com - Bo Peabody.

The book talks about secrets to entrepreneurial life. I enjoyed reading the book and would recommend to those who are thinking of taking entrepreneurial career path.

The book has following chapters which should give you an idea about what you can expect from this book -

  1. Lucky or Smart?
  2. Entrepreneurs Are Born, Not Made
  3. Entrepreneurs are B-Students. Managers are A-Students.
  4. Great Is the Enemy of Good
  5. Start-Ups Attract Sociopaths
  6. Practice Blind Faith
  7. Learn to Love the Word “No”
  8. Prepare to Be Powerless
  9. The Best Defense Is a Gracious Offense
  10. Don’t Believe Your Own Press. In Fact, Don’t Read.
  11. Always Be Selling Your Stock
  12. Know What You Don’t Know
Overall, a good read.

-The Big K-


Branch Unspecified
12 years ago
I read this book couple of months back. An interesting story and its well told by Bo Peabody. Must read for aspiring entrepreneurs.

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