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Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Nov 11, 2015

Bluetooth Smart Will Have 4X Range, Faster Speed And Mesh Networking

Bluetooth SIG has revealed the plans for the technology that has changed our lives. Bluetooth SIG, the team that brings us Bluetooth has informed that in 2016, Bluetooth Smart will offer a range extended by about 4x, have faster connection speeds and even support mesh networking for IoT connected devices.

All this without any rise in the power consumption. You may read about it on Bluetooth® Technology to Gain Longer Range, Faster Speed, and Mesh Networking in 2016 | Business Wire. I think this is a very important update for anyone associated with the electrical or electronics domain.

Why? Because IoT is going to be bigger than we ever imagined and connectivity is at the core of it. By connectivity, I'm not referring to the Internet; but local connections among the devices which are definitely going to be reliant on Bluetooth. With Bluetooth getting better range, speed and mesh networking I think the industry will accelerate the production of connected devices.

How do you think bluetooth will make a difference to our lives in coming years?

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