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Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • May 7, 2012

Blogging As A Career Option For Engineers : Experiences, Thoughts

This thread is open to all thoughts, ideas, feedback about blogging as a career option for engineers. By the nature of it, blogging is all about content generation in different forms: text, images, videos, podcasts and so on. It involves creativity and skill. Now as engineers, we're seldom used to the 'creative' side of the things and I think that's the reason blogging has not picked up as a solid career option for engineers.

But I sense the winds of change. Can blogging be innovative enough to mix the technology, engineering, creativity and entertainment? I think engineers are the perfect breed to make that happen.

But does it really pay well?

It does pay well and may pay a *lot* more than your regular technical, engineering job if you have the patience. There are several bloggers who make several thousand dollars a month only through blogging and have chosen professional blogging as their career. There are several ways to make money from a blog; be it through advertisements, affiliate marketing, selling your own product or through consultancy services. It does pay well, but you might have to invest some time before you start getting returns.

Is it easy to get into blogging?

The blogging tools and software have become so easier to use that anyone with a basic knowledge of computers and internet can get started in just 30 minutes. You can setup a free blog and start producing content in matter of few minutes.

What are the advantages / disadvantages ?
There are several advantages of becoming a professional blogger. You can work from anywhere and free yourself from your bosses, managers. You become on your own and can decide your own work hours. Plus, you will do what you really love. I think it's about freedom.

On the disadvantages side - it's little difficult to sail through when you aren't making any money. Plus having to decide your own schedule can be difficult for many. 😀 So first figure out whether you really want to get into blogging and then take the plunge.

I'd welcome your thoughts on blogging as a career.

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