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Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • May 9, 2008

Better bicycle design


For ages, we haven't seen any innovation in bicycle design. Maybe I'm not aware of the latest innovations in bicycles. I think we CEans can have a good discussions about what can be improved in bicycles.

So, anyone? 😀
arga • May 9, 2008
There have been a lot of incremental bicycle improvments. We have front and rear suspensions in mountain bikes, carbon fiber frames, combination brakes/gear changers, recombinant bikes, aerodynamic spokes, hydraulic disc brakes, and my favorite, an all wheel drive mountain bike recently hit the market.

Still, all these improvements have been for the existing cycling enthusiast. Nothing has been done to turn car commuters into cyclists. Maybe hybrid electrical/human power should be reexamined. Charge up the batteries at night and supplement the power by peddling. The extra power could support a weather-proof enclosure and if the enclosure were streamlined, higher top speeds could be maintained.

raj87verma88 • May 10, 2008
Thanks a lot Biggie. You have got my brains churning in one more direction i.e. a project of making a highly evolved vehicle run by human power. It will be the cleanest in the world. Man I have already thought the design and the type of gear and gear train. Thanks a lot man, I owe you one.
How about a bicycle combined with a retractable mini glider system? Kind of like the Gossamer Albatross, but smaller and street friendly 😉

Cheapest way to fly!
gohm • May 11, 2008
Or a bicycle with a carbon fiber shell that could double as a pedal powered boat?

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