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Best cheating tricks for engineering semester exams

Believe it or not this topic is one of the most searched terms for engineers in India. Since CrazyEngineers is an engineer’s forum we decided to delve into this topic and help out fellow engineers. We know everyone has trouble cramming for exams and sometimes you need a help or two while appearing for our semester exams, especially if we have been having fun instead of reading. So here we have a foolproof tip that shall help you pass your exams with ease. Now keep in mind the tip we have provided is very effective, it works 100% of the time, we are not kidding about our claims. Second, if you use this tip, you are never likely to get caught red-handed by the invigilator no matter how strict he/she is. Finally this tip is a hundred percent free; yes this one costs almost no additional money to you. This means you can spend your pocket money in buying things you like. Okay, setup is complete, now this is the tip. It’s in a step by step format which makes it easy to follow as well.

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Anoop Kumar
Anoop Kumar • Jan 9, 2018
Here is best cheatsheet, tested applied and rewarded. You might have circle of few friends, let say 6.
Before exam and in between exam.
  • Go to each friend and ask them which unit/chapter they think they are best in.
  • Ask them to teach you for 30-60 min only. Don't take much time. Even if you are good at that, just listen and correct them if required.
By going through all friend you must be adding 20% to 30% more knowledge. I am not asking for group study but to teach and get taught individually. Try it.
Amol Agarwal
Amol Agarwal • Jan 11, 2018
Though it is true that we should study for our exams seriously, we have to acknowledge that not everyone studies that much and some people find it hard to pass the exams. It is also wrong to expect everyone to be successful academically as numerous examples of people who did terrible at school and are now doing great are present all around. Some people only come to college to get a degree. And for them, I have a clever cheating trick. It has proved to be highly effective in getting respectable grades.
1. Make micro xerox copies of all important questions/theory.
2. Hide them in a toilet near to your exam hall.
3. Now I think you know what to do.. but don't act too smart and take those notes in the exam hall, just read the question paper and go to pee and look at all the required stuff.
4. Repeat the process if required.
All the best! Enjoy.😀

P.S. I am not promoting cheating in exams.
The above steps should be taken at your own risk.

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