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Ambarish Ganesh
Ambarish Ganesh • May 25, 2012

Backpack Radar Can Track Enemy 150 Acres Far

As a war-soldier expecting a waylay, you can not invest too much of time handling the extra baggage of heavy equipments along with you. To assist you in these combat situations, various technologies have been employed to dwindle the portable items as such, and among these items stands a backpack radar.


The SpotterRF M600C with its four pound weight, utilizes as low as 10 watts, and can trace out any trap/attacker within 50 yards irrespective of the weather conditions. Also the simplicity of the M600C, with the absence of any of those moving parts, makes it too easy to get accustomed to. The Radar backpack kit comprises two M600Cs, each mini-radar unit tracking a 90-degree angle. An Android tablet enables it to link to Google Earth, FalconView, or RaptorX to go after the radar feed, and the kit comprises a tablet, a battery, network hub, cables, backpack, plus a tripod to mount them all, within the weight limit of 20 pounds.

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