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Jayesh001 • Aug 12, 2015

Back to the future. NOKIA

I have read the news that nokia is coming back to the market and hiring software experts,and testers,as all of know that this company is once the biggest maker of mobile phone,but now considering the present situation ,firstly i think that they have to follow the market and just go with flow like if the market id boosting up with the android os then they should definitely work on this android devices but not like their old devices like nokia x and xl ..after a long time they have to come up with whole new idea and concept and should introduced a new tweaks in phone like.. for me they should work on processor,system ui ,ram and concerned with what the people want from the mobile phone keeping beside the internet and games!The brand will not help much if the product is similar to what is already being sold out there. But if there is something new and interesting to it, the old heritage may be helpful !

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