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Ambarish Ganesh
Ambarish Ganesh • May 17, 2011

ASDA: Give Me A (Second) Hand At That, Please!

If there is one thing that ASDA guarantees you, it is the price you’ll get in its trade-in services for second hand gadgets.  The scheme for now, revolves around only mobile phones, MP3 players, digital cameras and other gaming consoles.

[​IMG]A recent research conducted by their team revealed that there are around 35 million unused mobile phones alone estimated £700 in the drawers.

According to ASDA’s Electronic -Service Manager,  Phil Stout , the total would run to several billions if people cashed in on their old digital chips.

ASDA guarantees that it won’t get beaten by its competitors like Tesco, Boots-Sainsbury’s, Mazuma
and Envirofone. If at all the customers are offered a better price by the above mentioned servicers, it will refund the difference, but it does not include online auction site E-bay which could still prove out to be profitable.

The service went LIVE for smaller gadgets day before yesterday at ASDA, and bigger items such as laptops will be included in the stores next month.

News Source: Daily Mirror

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