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Appraisal acknowledgement mail sample format

You have already known about how to write an email asking for appraisal. Now we shall talk about what to do when you have successfully managed to grab that appraisal. You may think it may not be necessary to do reply to the mail from your superiors regarding this issue but it is important. You need to acknowledge the fact that you have received the news and show your appreciation towards this decision.

In this letter you need to be precise to all the points you want to convey. Here is a step by step guide on how to proceed.

Acknowledgement of appraisal

Salutation: This is pretty obvious. You need to address the sender who sent you the appraisal notice.

First paragraph:
Acknowledge the fact that you have received the email and thank them for the decision.

Second paragraph: Show them how working in the organisation has helped you improve your skills, what kind of rewarding experience they have provided to you. Repeat your allegiance to the company and show them how you can improve further. You can also say thank you for the fact that your work has been appreciated and this appraisal shall also push you to work further.

Final paragraph: Thank them again for their decision.

This format will help you reply to any appraisal emails. Keep it as short as possible.

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