Vignesh Viky
Vignesh Viky
07 Feb 2018

Application of thermoelectric cooler

I am currently studying the difference between thermoelectric generators and thermoelectric coolers. I found out that both types use the same kind of material. Then a thermoelectric cooler should be capable of generating power if the temperature difference is maintained, similar to a thermoelectric generator.The difference that I found out was that thermoelectric coolers are optimized for room temperatures and thermoelectric generators are used in high-temperature applications. If so, then can I use a thermoelectric cooler for generating power at low temperatures, like hot side below 60 degree Celsius and cold side at nearly 15-degree celsius? I want to know how much will be the output power if the temperature difference between the hot side and cold side is 25-degree Celsius if I use a thermoelectric cooler.

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