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Shuvam • Jul 13, 2015

Any one interested in Embedded Systems?

Hi all,
Let me introduce myself, I am an embedded software developer. I was working with Toshiba. I have a passion towards UCs' and embedded systems. However like many of us would know, working in a company isn't enough to full-fill your passion 😀

So I was planning to start a self-driven project, my primary focus is "IoT".

To give a brief overview, we are working on developing a "Communication Protocol" like we have CAN for vehicles, and then go ahead with developing SoCs that can be interfaced with any controllers (even as basic as 8051).

If any one residing in Bangalore is interested in our project, please feel free to contact me to discuss more in details.

Please note: Neither I am charging anything nor I am going to pay, I am just looking for like minded people. And if you are a scholar who wants to learn about embedded systems/UCs'/Programming please feel free to get in touch with me, I would be happy to share my knowledge with you guys. 😀

Hoping to get some good response from crazy engineers!!
Abhishek Rawal
Abhishek Rawal • Jul 13, 2015
Interested in Embedded systems, yeah!
But I am more into Embedded Linux, RTOS, Kernel stuff and so. Not a pro in it, just an amateur but can understand whole lot of stuff what's going on now.
I will bite anything that interests me, but I am nowhere closer to Banglore, so that's sad.
Shuvam • Jul 13, 2015
Hey Abhishek,
Nice to know you are interested. 😀
Well, the location seems to be a constraint at this moment 😔

If there is anything that can suit your interest I will update you..!

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