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integratdbrains • Jul 5, 2007

Anti collision device (ACD) : Let us discuss something while...

(continuation of the title) the whole of India is busy in voting and adding glory to the already glorious Taj. The Indian railways has a feather in it's cap,the ACD(we have patented the ACD systems in US! 😀 ).what is ACD? How it works? And what is it's future? An Anti collision device(ACD) is fitted on a locomotive to detect any collision like situation.ACD is a combo of the microprocessor,the GPS to do a number of activities ranging from detection of collision to stopping the train automatically!Isn't it wonderful?I mean even if the motor man sleeps we the travellers are safe!An ACD and the GPS on the locomotive is able to detect any other locomotive on the same track or other within the vicinity of a radius of 5kms.
Now,if it detects a train(moving or stationary ) on the same track as itself then if you want to show your guts.. stand at a distance of 50m from either..because at a distance of approx. 100m both the trains will stop! This system has drastically decreased the number of accidents occuring(due to collision) in India.
It is said that if each train(i.e.Long distance and short distance) has this system installed then we can have a phenomenal increase in the number of trains that can travel on the same track simultaneously... want the numbers?? A station can expect about 40 trains in just 60 mins!
crook • Jul 5, 2007
This system has drastically decreased the number of accidents occuring(due to collision) in India.
Thanks for posting the information. I was not aware of the ACD thing 😁 . Do you know how long has the service been in place? should enter coolest avatar competition 😉 look
integratdbrains • Jul 6, 2007
In India its being implemented partially,they started in late monthsof 2005. and the results were evident in early 2006 itself.

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