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Ashraf HZ
Ashraf HZ • Jun 5, 2008

[Animation] Enjoy The Ride

Who said engineering can't be cool?

Animated music video by Rajeev Bajaj
IEEE Spectrum: Video Viewer

Great stuff! Alright, maybe it might be aimed more towards those in computing.. but who gives 😛 If the video doesnt play smoothly, wait till the buffer fills up most of the way before playing again.

Awesome video.... especially when the music and the animation blends with each other. I'd be happy to have this video in a higher resolution and can be played on computers than online.... do email the file to

Please note that the file is for personal use only and not intended to make any profits out of your sweat.


Welcome to CE, Krishna! Well, its not my video 😛

However, you can try asking IEEE Spectrum to get in touch with Rajeev Bajaj:
IEEE Spectrum: Contact Us

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