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Animation course after engineering degree

Satya Swaroop

Satya Swaroop

 Updated: 21 Jan 2018

You can definitely go for an animation course after engineering degree as long as you find it interesting and a worthwhile career option. There are two ways to go through with it. First you can use your skills as an engineer (Computer Science) to be posted into Research and Development departments of various animation companies where they are on the lookout for professionals who can solve tough problems with the help of programming.

If you do not like to code you can always shift your interest towards the artistic side of the animation affair such as modelling, rigging, texturing, animation, lighting etc. You can pursue courses like Diploma in Broadcast Animation, 3D Studio Max, Advanced Diploma in Digital Arts and Animation, Certificate Course in 3D Animation using Autodesk Maya, Master in Multimedia and Animation and many more depending on your job search requirements. If you have animation in mind while studying engineering, it would be the best scenario where you can devote your time (at least two hours a day) for these courses so that you can become certified before you graduate. There are tons of institutes which can help you learn these courses for reasonable fees.
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If one has interest, pursuing animation courses after an engineering degree is a good idea. With lots of films now using VFX and all, demands are increasing.
There are lots of centers and animation schools which offer animation courses. But if one is unwilling to enroll in various centers or schools, there are online courses too. Websites like Coursera, Edx, Udemy, Skillshare etc. offer animation courses which an engineering student can take up even while in his second or third year of his B. Tech degree.

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