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An Automatic Plant Moisturizer Using Solar Energy

hye, I’m doing my final project for electrical engineering. So, the idea is to automatically keep the plant moisture by using sensor that will generate water pump powered by solar energy. The problem is my idea is too simple. If possible, may I know which area should I improvise and add to make this project more worthy?

Thank you.

If the field is large, a single sensor may not be enough. Plants absorb water through the root surface. Too much water can be detrimental. Distribute the sensors around and set up spray nozzles across the field. The whole field may not be uniformly dry. Solenoid valves can be used to select which nozzles are active. Some AI can be introduced to collect and analyse data to optimise the process. If necessary different schemes can be implemented for different crops.

Good evening sir @Ramani ,

Thank you for your suggestion. I’ll do some research on your recommendation. Thank you again for your help. 

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