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Amplifier As a power generation system?

Discussion in 'Electrical | Electronics | Communications' started by Janaa karti, Aug 4, 2014.

  1. Janaa karti

    Janaa karti Apprentice

    Engineering Discipline:
    Electronics & Communications
    i'm going to do my college level project.so i m having some doubts abt the amplifier and its principles..so guys help me to clear my doubts..
    1.can we use an amplifier as an power generation system???
    2.in amplification , input = gain * output
    therefore, input +_________= output
    3. what is the balancing factor between the input and output of the amplifier? how the gain produce in the amp?
    4. for ex: in current amplifier: input = 1
    gain=1.5 ; thn how the gain would be produced ??????????
  2. a.alandkar

    a.alandkar Enthusiast

    Engineering Discipline:
    Hey mate.., Just try to go through basic concepts of Op-amp or any amplifier. you will come to know many things.
  3. Jeffrey Samuel

    Engineering Discipline:
    Amplifier is a circuit. So Input power is always lesser than the output power.

    It uses external power from DC source to increase the magnitude of INPUT SIGNAL.

    Amplifier can not be used as a power generation system as efficiency is always less than 90% for effective operation

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