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Amazon Selling Loop VR Headsets For Rs 1 To Mark The Launch of One Plus 3

Amazon is hosting a sale of Loop VR headsets for Rs 1 to mark the one plus 3 VR launch. The sale will commence from June 3 till June 7 and the link is now available for pre-registrations under the Amazon’s Exclusive.

One plus 3, one of the most awaited flagship device of this year will be launched on a virtual space station. It is named as Loop and Visitors will be able to experience it virtually. They will need any smartphone and a compatible VR headsets to see the event. One plus, thus, has opened a sale globally for 30,000 headsets for free (including shipping) for their admirers. However, those who have missed it, Amazon is offering you a chance- to grab a Loop VR headset for just Rs1!

The Loop VR headset

The Loop VR headsets are quite robust and has been customized and manufactured based on the design of the experts. It is far more robust and better in quality than the cardboard VR headsets and includes more features. It turns your smartphone into a 360 degree 3D theatre and provides an ultimate visual experience.

It has a dimension of 188 x 120 x 100 mm and weighs 366 gm. It provides a nice 100 degree field view angle and comes with the orthoscopic lenses. It helps to adjust and fine tune the focus to achieve a sharp visual experience. It is provided with adjustable straps and snug-inner padding. It fits comfortably over the glasses and is compatible with almost any 5” or 6” smartphones. Thus, it is clear that it has been manufactured keeping in mind that everyone can be a part of this global launch.

To participate in the sale, customers will have to first register on the Amazon’s site. Then they will have to visit the page within 3 to 7th of June before 12PM. Only then, they will be allowed to add the product in their cart. However, they have to complete the whole process in 15 minutes. Otherwise, the product will be made available to the waitlisted candidates.

One plus is expecting everyone, all over the world to be a part of this first global VR shopping experience. Those who have other VR headsets or cardboard one can also attend the event. But those who haven’t, Amazon has provided a nice opportunity to grab a cool VR headset for just Rs1! I have registered, have you? If you are interested then go and register now because one plus says- ‘Never Settle’.

Check out this video on Loop VR headset-

Source- Amazon | One Plus
A little correction to be done here, the sale will take place on June 3 AND June 7.
Thanks for pointing it out.

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