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gijoe • Oct 11, 2008

ajax doubt

Name: Time:
this is jus a prog in ajax to check if the username and password are correct???
i jus don get the three lines below:

var url="time.php";
url=url + "?q=" + y ;
url=url + "&sid =" + Math.random();"GET", url , true);

how is q assigned the correct value??? of y and wht ll be the variable url while sending??

also i need to attach one more value to the url, it is z here..

in the php code, the stmt
exactly retrieves the value of q and assigns it to n...

so jus say what does that ? and = mean and how they are assigned

thnx in advance
sriramchandrk • Oct 14, 2008
Hi gijoe,

This is the line which reads value of name in y

When you click a submit ajaxfunction is called.

if you write "crazyengineer" in input filed the url formed will be


sid will have a random number this is just to take care that each time a new url is produced or else there may be a possibility that browser cache will give old values!

Thanks & Regards

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