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tejasnaidu • Dec 22, 2007

Airconditioner question

Hi all,
This is a technical question regarding split airconditioner. Presently at site we have a US (American) made generator which supplies power at 110V/60Hz and 220V/60Hz. Both the supply voltages are available, but at 60Hz and the capacity of the generator is 8.5 Kva. We are planning to operate a split AC on the generator, but the main issue is the generator frequency which is 60 Hz. A normal indian AC operates at 50Hz, and 60Hz represents a 20% increase in compressor motor and condensor fan speed, and will burn out within few days.
I was thinking of the newly introduced inverter type split AC from LG, General, Toshiba where the AC voltage is first converted to DC and then back to variable frequency AC (via inverter ckt) to operate the variable frequency compressor. Here the compressor frequency is not fixed and is varied by the inverter ckt according to room temp. Here i think the line freq should not matter as the AC voltage will be converted to DC by an SMPS ckt ( My guess-no idea how it converts, not seen ckt diagram) where 60 Hz will not matter but not sure
Any guys out there having idea about this. I want to install the AC as fast as possible, but wanted to confirm the above air conditioner will work at 60 Hz without burning out. Please guide me as i have to install the AC by February.
sulg • Jan 24, 2008
you can use a online UPS between generator and AC it will solve your problem


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