Jack Colley
Jack Colley
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28 Jun 2016

Advice needed (please) - crazy spinning table

Hi all,

Brand new to the forum, lovely to meet you all.

I am currently undertaking a project to build a large round table composed of a series of concentric rings that all spin independently.

The basic idea is, there is a single stepper motor attached the small circle in the center of the table. The center can be spun, which locks into the other rings around them and forces them all to spin either clockwise or anti-clockwise.

Each of the rings of the table will be mounted with progressively larger arms down to a central metal 'trunk', which will allow them to all spin independently. Like those mechanical models of the solar system.

The thing I am struggling with currently is the cylindrical ballbearing solution that will allow the 'arms' to attach down the central trunk, be supported, and also spin freely. I have attached a quick exploded 3D example of the design (except the tabletop is interlocking rings, not circles). The solution I am struggling with is for the 'red' pieces in this drawing.

Any advice much appreciated!!


Jack Colley
28 Jun 2016
UHMWHDPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight High Density Polyethylene) is one of the most wear resistant low friction material that I have come across. We use it for many applications. You can make your bushes out of this material. There are many manufacturers of this all over the world. You can even buy the bushes off the shelf in many places.
It is best suited for low sliding speed application, which seems to apply in your project. (Incidentally it is available in red if you fancy that)
uhmwpe bush bearing - Google Search

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