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Advanced Simulation for Electric Machine Design

Discussion in 'TechFests | Conferences | Expos | Meets' started by A.V.Ramani, Jun 30, 2014.

  1. A.V.Ramani

    A.V.Ramani Guru

    Engineering Discipline:
    I apologise for the short notice. Saw it just now.
    New regulatory efficiency requirements, fluctuating costs of permanent magnets, and the ever present goal of higher performance from a smaller package, increases pressure on both the design and optimization of electric machines across all applications.

    This online event will highlight the many techniques used to predict electric machine performance, including analytic models, lumped parameter models based on parameter definition from finite element analysis and nonlinear time-domain finite element analysis. Presenters will show how you can better understand and accurately simulate the coupled effects of heat transfer and electromagnetic performance inside an electric machine to deliver machines that perform on the cutting edge.


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