Aakash II Tablet Price Won't Change After Upgrade

DataWind - the company that manufactures Aakash / Ubislate tablets and Indian Telecom & HRD ministry are already working on the next version of the Aakash tablet. The Government has pulled in CDAC (yep, the ones who developed the first Indian Super Computer) to work on Aakash tablet's upgrade. The officials said that the price of the tablet won't change 'much' even with the upgrade.

It's not yet sure what new features, hardware and software will be included in the Aakash 2 tablet. If you want to make guesses about the new tablet; you may do so in this thread. 😀 The price of Aakash tablet is around Rs. 2500 in India.


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Well, we are talking so much about Aakash but they don't have time to even tell when they will release the old slots. The link of order status in their website is also not working. I know this is good if we get advance features in that much price only but there should be some clarity.

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