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LORD_EC • Jun 27, 2007

A small puzzle..

If today is Wednesday, what is one day before the day, after the day, three days after the
day before yesterday?

Elisa • Jun 27, 2007
Thursday. Is that correct?
LORD_EC • Jun 27, 2007
Yup,thats right..
but post your explanation also.
crook • Jun 27, 2007
The solution is easy. Start with "day before yesterday" , then count "three days after".

We need tougher problems 😉
LORD_EC • Jun 28, 2007
That was just a small start.I will post more in this thread.Dont worry !!
bhavesh001 • Jan 25, 2012
if today is Wednesday then one day before the day is Monday,
after the day is Tuesday
The day before the Yesterday is Monday
& three day after the yesterday (Monday) is THURSDAY.....
honeyclarck • Jan 27, 2012
Great puzzle i like it very much.

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