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A look at Engineering College Hostel food

By Deepak Gopalakrishnan in 'Engineering Comics - "Absolute Zero"', Dec 9, 2012.

  1. Deepak Gopalakrishnan

    Deepak Gopalakrishnan The Absolute Zero

    Engineering Discipline:
    Apologies for being a little irregular over the last two weeks. Just shifted to new job and new place so took some time setting things up. Normal service shall resume :)

    Hostel food.jpg
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    1. Pensu

      Pensu Star

      Engineering Discipline:
      Computer Science
      That's absolutely true and believe me man, when you are in govt hostel, the situation is worse......:(
    2. zaveri

      zaveri Star

      Engineering Discipline:
      "ramu why is that stray dog near our garbage bin dead ?"

      I like that !
    3. Rupam Das

      Rupam Das Star

      Engineering Discipline:
      Computer Science
      And only after you come back to home for the first time after taking admission in engineering, you realize how much you love your mother and her cooking!
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    4. Anoop Mathew

      Anoop Mathew Knight

      Engineering Discipline:
      Electronics & Communications
      Here's the weight ratio difference in my life:

      1. PAST - My highest weight (ever hit) was 103kgs during Class 11th - in Kuwait.:sick:
      2. RECENT PAST - I jumped from 93kgs to 65kgs during the first semester at college - in Tamil Nadu.(My parents thought I was the 'punching bag' at my hostel...:rolleyes: )
      3. PRESENT - I'm working in Cochin, and I've hit 77kgs recently.:oops:

      I hate to admit it, I miss my hostel food so badly now...!!!:(
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      Engineering Discipline:
      The same applies to hostel food when we enter a B School too :p
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    6. Gurjap

      Gurjap Maniac

      Engineering Discipline:
      The FDA classifes mess food as industrial-level biohazard.