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Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Mar 24, 2007

A Brief History Of Time

I was wondering if anyone here ever took pains to read 'A Brief History Of Time' by Stephen Hawking.

The book is simply Amazing!😁

I recommend it to everyone who has ever wondered about this simple question - "How big is our universe?".

Go, just read it! You'll feel better after reading it.

-The Big K-
rosh009 • Mar 24, 2007
i've read it, biggie!
awesome book!
"brief history of time" by hawking + "cosmos" by carl sagan both read completely puts into TOP GEAR LOVE:dance: WITH A&A[ie.astronomy and astrophysics].
reachrkata • Mar 25, 2007
Me too !!!
But, frankly, it took at least 6-7 readings of the entire book to half understand what he is telling in the book.
But as said, it never ceases to interest you even after so many readings.
crook • Jun 21, 2007
me three 😁 😁 😁

very good book, a complex subject explained using a very simple language. Stephan Hawking rocks!!
suyash • Jan 12, 2008
the book loses its simplicity after 3-4 chapters though...
lots of mind boggling physics and mathematics involved...
loved it !!

also read : how to build a time machine - by Paul Davies.... Its really awesome !! believe me..
birjoossh • Apr 8, 2008
hi dude ,
but the problem is that u havent posted the link and unfortunately and i dont have the book
mahul • Apr 9, 2008
yeah splendid book, a masterpiece, i loved all of it.
gohm • Apr 28, 2008
The movie was also good, great visuals as well as explanations by Hawking.
gohm • Apr 28, 2008
If you like cosmology, also read anything by Michio Kaku, brilliant!
vissin • Apr 30, 2008
Ah the good old memories! Yes. I've read every single word of the book more than once... It's been sometime though.

There used to be a site that had the complete book in it... I still have the downloaded pages from that site. However, when I tried to visit the link again I found that it has been blocked due to copyright infringement. So birjoossh
I'm afraid you'll have to buy the book and you should... it's worth.
zeba • May 13, 2008
Yup sir, read it few yrs ago..Fascinated so much that yearned to get into astrophysics..but was 2 late and landed up engnn...😔
suyash • May 30, 2008
There's another simplified version of the book - "The Theory of Everything: The Origin and Fate of the Universe" written by the same author... its a great read for the ones who aren't well versed with physics 😀

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