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8th sem project

Discussion in 'Project Ideas & Seminar Topics' started by harshitha, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. harshitha

    harshitha Apprentice

    please give me an idea on wat topic can i do my 8th sem project.
    please suggest some very good aND advanced ideas wich can impress my hod.
  2. Differential

    Differential Apprentice

    How about preparing a system (or call it software) for your college library. This software will be a single point of contact, info and access for anything related to library. This may be further made available in your college network. Students may be able to check availability of books from their desk. This idea has a lot more to explore. Do let us know if you are interested then we can discuss it over here.

  3. anuragh27crony

    anuragh27crony Apprentice

    Naah.. Library System is somewhat Outdated..

    What are your areas of Interest ...since it's hard to just say randomly from any area......
  4. harshitha

    harshitha Apprentice

    thank u very much 4 dis idea but my college already has a smart campus arrangement 2 do all dis job.
  5. harshitha

    harshitha Apprentice

    i know c,c++,and java very well.plz gimme som excellent ideas 4 the project using any of these 3. my area of interest is not important tis imp 2 impress my hod. i ll do anything tat can impress my hod.
  6. praveen2vin

    praveen2vin Newbie

    hi am doing final year ece.am interested to do projects in microprocessor and micro controller.plz send som topics r ideas if u have forward it to my mail id <removed>
  7. lswapnil

    lswapnil Newbie

    try the concept of agent oriented programming ie. make agent based module it's valuable for ur bright currier because agent is the newer concept in market or you may try the another one ie. controlling pc througe mobile sms....;)
  8. anuragh27crony

    anuragh27crony Apprentice

    Well you can do anything related to Mobile agents (Distributed Systems) are the latest research (major) focus....

    Like in my 8th sem i developed a secure protocol for Mobile agents ...on Distributed systems... Since while mobile agents while travelling on network are prone to attacks.....
  9. Harshad Italiya


    Engineering Discipline:
    Electronics & Communications
    Make Messenger looks like Yahoo ;)
  10. casanova

    casanova Newbie

    Hey CE's,

    I'm completely new to this forum and looking for some very good ideas & concepts for my final year project. My area of interest is web-application (specially using .NET or JAVA). Looking for something which can be accessed by students of college through web browsers in the Intranet.

    Campus help systems, bidding system, TnP system etc.etc. all are already being done in my department last year. So looking for something which is new and exciting and not much difficult to create.

    Anyone of you having gone through this post please do not neglect it and let me know if you any good idea for the same.

  11. akkumon

    akkumon Apprentice

    Make a program for mobile .Net which is emerging
  12. 123dimpal

    123dimpal Newbie

    Engineering Discipline:
    Computer Science
    plz sir give me defination in android or java these defination is new and easy to create a application plz give me argent
  13. 123dimpal

    123dimpal Newbie

    Engineering Discipline:
    Computer Science
    plz sir give a defination or project in java or android these defination is new and easy to implement
    and plz sir its argent

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