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Lintrae • Jun 7, 2008

6-Input CMOS NOR Gate

Hi there,
Since it is known generally that having many input for a simple CMOS gate is not the best way to go, since this will mean many transistors will be in series.
Is there any way then, that one can build a 6-Input CMOS NOR gate?

Thanks in advance.

Hope you guys are not put of by this, I don't require anyone to draw any diagrams of any kind (although it would be nice). Just explain the connections (how they would connect together) . You know!
mkaras • Jun 7, 2008
Lintrae • Jun 8, 2008
ah, cheers makras.
Perhaps I could slide in another question.
Could anyone briefly tell me what it is that makes CMOS gates naturally inverting?

Thanks in advance
mkaras • Jun 8, 2008
The standard gate devices are designed according to the logic function desired. So it is not the gate that is "naturally" inverting.

If one goes to the basic level of the transistor circuits inside a gate design you will see that the logic of a single stage of a CMOS device is an inverting structure. Some of the desired gate functions of standard logic packages will be able to be implemented with the these single stages and so would end up inverting because of that.

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