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Sophia Diaz
Sophia Diaz • Feb 11, 2016

5 Lesser Known Facts about Off-road vehicles

Off road vehicles are the special types of vehicles which have the capability of driving through unsurfaced roads made of materials such as sand, gravel, snow, rocks, riverbeds, etc. These vehicles are generally characterised by large tyres with wide open treads, flexible suspension extended ground, etc. Some of these off road vehicles include pickup trucks, ATVs (all terrain vehicles), dirt bikes, dune buggies, sandrails, snowmobiles and some other vehicles used for commercial purposes. Off road vehicles are very popular among many adventure enthusiasts and there are many competitions and rallies which take place in many parts of the world.
There are many companies which manufacture these off road vehicles in India. There are many regions in India which have rugged terrain and craggy paths. To explore these areas and have any commercial activity in such regions we need these off road vehicles which can easily move across such tough tracks. Apart from adventure and business, many off road vehicles are also used for military purposes and are very helpful for combat activities in difficult terrains. These off road vehicles are available in different price ranges depending on the type of vehicle, engine power, efficiency, tyres and other accessories. For now we bring to you some of the important facts about these vehicles:

1. Ground Clearance: The off road vehicles have very high ground clearance in order to avoid any possible obstacles in the rugged terrains. This also helps in avoiding water clogging in the engine and other vital parts of these vehicles. But it also has many drawbacks as this shift the centre of gravity of the car a bit higher and could lead to rollover while taking sharp turns. This is due to the fact that vehicles’ tendency to resist the turn increases with increase in height of its centre of gravity.
2. Ground Pressure: These vehicles generally have lower ground pressure as this feature may avoid any possible sinking into any muddy surface and similar puddles. To have these features, the vehicles are constructed accordingly and the engineers deploy various dynamics to make them workable on such turfs.

3. Oiling: Off Road Vehicle always require proper oiling. Those driving on regular tracks must always pay heed to this important point as your vehicle has to endure several twists and turns which puts a lot of pressure on your engine. Proper oiling ensures that the engine work properly in these rugged terrains.
4. Tire Air Pressure: Off-Road Vehicles should always be properly inflated. These vehicles need proper inflation since riding through craggy tracks always involve handling and balancing issues. One could easily lose control of the vehicle and may get struck or even damage ones vehicles if they ignore this basic caveat.
5. Rider Position: Many off road vehicles are customized by the manufactures according to buyers’ convenience. So always make sure to check your riding position and the level of comfort while driving off road vehicles. Since driving off-road requires a lot of concentration and proper control, the proper riding position could ensure your safety.
There are many off road vehicle manufactures based in India. These vehicles come in different varieties which may include pick-up trucks, ATVs, SUVs, snowmobiles, etc. While buying these rides, also make sure you have the right and required set of accessories for you adventurous journey on an off road vehicle.
Thanks for the information ,it was very useful

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